Grow With Me Joggers (Child - Youth) - Valentines 2021 Collection

$25 CAD

Grow with me Baby & Kids Joggers

Clothing that grows with your child. The grow with me collection provides ultimate cuteness and maximum value for your spend! For smallest size, roll waistband all the way down and roll leg cuffs all the way up. Simply unroll as your child grows. These adorable joggers come with pockets!

Shop our Valentine's Collection and let your littlest loves know how much you care with our Valentine inspired prints. Based on the fun and colourful Valentines you once signed "From Your Secret Admirer", these prints are sure to steal a 'pizza your heart' as you let the ones you love know how much you 'dig them'. 

***Expected shipping date on or before February 3, 2021.

Material: 95% Cotton/5% Lycra

Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, lay flat to dry, no bleach, low iron if necessary.

*Scale in photo may not be true to size.

**Please allow for slight variances as all pieces are made by hand.

Contact us for custom orders. We have a large inventory of fabrics to choose from.

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