Dinner Jacket - Black Shimmer with Faux Fur Collar

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The Black Shimmer with Faux Fur Collar Dinner Jacket is black-tie ensemble at its finest. Dress your dog in one of this Chanel inspired, tweed dinner jacket for a formal occasion, or simply for his evening meal. Just don't be surprised if he requests a dram of scotch and cigar afterward.

Chanel Inspired Shimmer Tweed Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

Material: Woolen Fibers/Cotton/Lycra

Washing Instructions
Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, lay flat to dry, no bleach, low iron if necessary.

Please allow for slight variances as all pieces are made by hand.

Size Chest girth Back length Neck 
XS 14" 7.5" 9"
S 15" 8.5" 10"
M 17" 9.5" 12"
L 20" 10.5" 15"
XL 24" 12" 19"

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