Live Love Sniff


Welcome to Live Love Sniff, a collection within Ruff Stitched designed with the concept of paying it forward.  2015 started very rough for me when I lost my best friend Jody to depression.  Her loss has been a struggle for me since and and I have wanted to find a way to honour her.  Jody and I always had grand business ideas.  She was very fond of animals, from dogs, to horses to owls and more!  I believe in my heart she would've loved this venture.  Never have I known anyone who was as ambitious and energetic as Jody.  She loved life, loved people and especially loved helping others. I miss her everyday and know she is with me as I have been on this journey. August of 2015 became a little bit brighter when I adopted Winston, my Maltese Yorkie.  He is so full of life and always brings a smile to everyone who meets him but he started his life with some hurdles. I rescued him from a home where he was malnourished, filthy and neglected.   He was lifeless and had developed a very nervous personality, but with a loving home and some time his true personality came shining through.  When starting my business I wanted to do something that would both honour Jody's memory and raise awareness to animal rescue.  Although I rescued Winston, I am grateful daily for having him because he rescued me from a very heartbreaking time in my life and helped me smile again.  I know Jody would have loved him to pieces and he is truly the inspiration for launching Ruff Stitched.

With that in mind I started the Live Love Sniff Collection by Ruff Stitched.  It will offer matching apparel for both you and your fur baby, as well as accessories imprinted with the Live Love Sniff logo.  A portion of all proceeds will go to the Canadian Mental Heath Association as well as Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation.  So not only can you and your furend have fun and look stylish, you can both feel great knowing that your purchase is helping others in need.