Buddy Bow Ties - The Reynolds

$95 CAD

Buddy Bow Ties - The Reynolds

Buddy Bow Ties and Ties for you and your Fur Baby!

Handmade Matching Pet Collar with Bow Tie and Leash.  Also includes your choice of Handmade Mens Bow Tie Or Tie and Pocket Square.

100% Cotton... 100% Fashionable. Be the Talk of any Social Human or Pet Scene!

Bow Tie Set Value $115 - Bow Tie/Tie Set Value $125 

Please allow for slight variances as all pieces are made by hand.

Size  (Collar)
S 10.2"-12.6"
M 13.4"-18.9"
L 15.7"-22.8"

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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